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The one stop shop for everything restored and renewed.

In the repair, refinishing, & restoration process the customer will be asked several question as to what they want and/or expect

Questions/Answers to help before you call:

  • Should the piece be stripped if is to be refinished
  • Not always, some pieces may only need to be cleaned (especially true of older pieces with original finish) instead of refinished
  • Can it be refinished without stripping off the old finish?
  • Will repairs, glue-ups, and/or restoration create a usable new piece?
  • Yes very seldom is a piece so rare or delicate that it can’t be used. Repairs/Restoration are done to as new to original specifications, requirements & aesthetics for its use.


All work is guaranteed throughout its useful life (usually 5+ years). I can do this because the piece has already lasted 10, 20, 50, 100 + years. Repairs and Resotration should create similar results.

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Renovation & Restoration

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